Tomorrow (5/19/17), Toronto pop punk trio Talk Show Host will be releasing their new EP Not Here To Make Friends. Not Here To Make Friends is Talk Show Host’s third EP and their first release since 2016’s Perfectly Competent EP.

With the release of their new EP, Talk Show Host have really honed their signature sound. Not Here to Make Friends is without a doubt the band’s best release to date. After listening to the EP, it felt like the band brought a whole new energy to the studio when they were recording it.

Putting out an original pop punk album that doesn’t sound derivative of something released by another band 20 years ago is no easy feat. But, Talk Show Host has done just that.

Each of the five songs on Not Here To Make Friends are great in their own way. They are fun and super catchy, written with a confrontational, in-your-face attitude that keeps each song fresh. Pop punk fans old and new don’t want to miss this EP.

The music on the EP is reminiscent of bands like Weezer, Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, and any of Chris Farren’s projects. Some notable tracks on the EP include: “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)”, “We’re Not Here To Make Friends”, and “Nervous Wreck”

Album Score: 4.5/5

You can catch Talk Show Host on tour in Europe from May 23-June 4!

To Pre-order Not Here To Make Friends and to stream/download Talk Show Host’s other releases, visit their Bandcamp page here:

For a full list of European tour dates and more information on the band, visit Talk Show Host’s Facebook page here:



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