Are you looking for some new music for the summer? Well, Rad Girlfriend Records has you covered! The label recently released the second installment in their 4-Way Split series. The premise behind the splits is simple: Choose four bands, all from the same area and each band contributes a song. The first split was made up of bands from Chicago, the second split is made up of four South Florida bands. The bands that contributed songs to 4-Way Split Vol. 2 are Chris Barrows Band, Armageddon Man, No Fraud and F.

The first band up on the split is Chris Barrows Band. For those unfamiliar with the band, vocalist Chris Barrows was originally the singer of legendary punk band Pink Lincolns. The band contributed a song called “Born Old”. The band combines a street punk sound with Chris Barrows’ signature snarky vocals to produce a fast paced and highly entertaining punk rock song (and one of my favorite songs on the split!). It serves as the perfect start to the split.

Next up, hardcore band, Armageddon Man. Armageddon Man’s contribution to the split is a song called “Total Blackout”. “Total Blackout” is a no-holds-barred, two minutes of hardcore glory, making it a very welcome addition to the split.

Next, is No Fraud’s track, “Trendy Fuck”. “Trendy Fuck” is 44 seconds of explosive hardcore. It’s one of the fastest tracks the split, combining aggressive vocals with loud, driving instruments and providing fans with a visceral listening experience.

The final track on the split is F’s track, “Good Day For A Gun”. This track is my favorite one from the split, both their instrumental sound and their singer’s vocals sound reminiscent of classic punk rock bands such as FEAR, Black Flag and The Circle Jerks, making it an excellent way to conclude the split.

Album Score: 4/5

Stream/purchase a digital copy of the split from Rad Girlfriend Records’ Bandcamp page here:

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And while you’re at it, check out the first installment of the 4-Way Split series here:




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