Today (9/18/17), Toronto Sci-fi punk band Plan 37 released their debut album, titled Say Goodbye via My Fingers! My Brain! Records. Say Goodbye is Plan 37’s first release since the Space Junk EP in 2015.

2017 has been a year of fantastic debut albums from a lot of great bands and Plan 37 is no exception. They rip through the 13 tracks on Say Goodbye with a seemingly limitless amount of energy and intensity. Say Goodbye has all the good qualities of pop punk and none of the bad.

With the right amount of angst and self-deprecation to keep even the more serious songs on the album light and fun as hell, Plan 37 holds nothing back. Each song is jam packed with all sorts of clever and super catchy lyrics as well as plenty of big sing-along choruses that will only leave you wanting more. Not to mention the fact that the album has a few songs about space and aliens that would even give Tom DeLonge a run for his money!

Say Goodbye is truly Plan 37’s best release yet! The band takes all the best parts of their previous releases and dials them up to 11. I dare you to try and listen to these 13 fast-paced jams without tapping your foot and bobbing your head.

Fans of bands like Screeching Weasel, Abandon The Midwest, The Cryptics and Direct Hit will love Plan 37 and Say Goodbye. Notable tracks from the album include: “Suburban Outfitters”, “Me & U Pt II”, “Shockmaster”, “Attack Of The Crummy Crummies” and “Say Goodbye” (“Say Goodbye” also features an entertaining collection of bloopers after the song is over, so listen till the end!).

Album Score: 4.5/5

Stream the album or purchase the CD from My Fingers! My Brain Records’ Bandcamp page here:

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