Last Friday (10/13/17), Milwaukee punk trio Indonesian Junk released their second album, titled Stars In The Night via Rum Bar Records. Stars In The Night is Indonesian Junk’s first release since their 2016 live album, So Live, So Devastating.

Several really great bands released new albums on Friday the 13th this year (I guess it’s not so unlucky after all!). While many of us, myself included, were feverishly listening to the new Iron Chic and Lillingtons albums we were missing out on the true gem that is Stars In The Night.

Indonesian Junk is like a blast from the past in the best kind of way. The band coolly harnesses the style and sound of all my favorite CBGB era punk bands and adds their own unique twist to it. Their music is fun, bouncy, and unforgettably catchy!

Stars In The Night takes all the best things about Indonesian Junk’s first album and makes them better. The band delivers a newer, more well polished sound, while still retaining the DIY spirit that made their first album so much fun. Giving fans, both old and new, ten satisfying new jams to bob their heads and tap their feet to.

Fans of bands like The Ramones, The Stooges, Hüsker Dü, and Modey Lemon will love Indonesian Junk! Notable tracks from Stars In The Night include: “Tonight”, “I Would Never Treat You Like That”, “Turn To Stone” and “Slow Down”.

Album Score: 4/5

Stream/purchase a digital, CD, or vinyl copy of Stars In The Night from Rum Bar Records’ Bandcamp page here:

Like Indonesian Junk on Facebook:


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