Band Of The Week #2: The Eradicator

And we’re back with Band Of The Week #2! This week’s band is Chicago based punk band The Eradicator!


This band is a fun one! Featuring Andy Slania of Galactic Cannibal on vocals and several of the members of Direct Hit! in the band as well, it’s hard to go wrong with The Eradicator!

After releasing a handful of EPs and singles, the band finally released their self-titled debut full-length last Friday (10/13/17). As anyone who’s listened to the band can probably guess, the album was a blast. It delivers super catchy, hardcore infused pop punk songs, blended with The Eradicator’s signature sense of humor.


I discovered The Eradicator fairly recently, after seeing the video for their song “I’m A Squash Man” on Facebook. The video was funny and very entertaining, serving as the perfect introduction to the band and their songwriting (many of their songs are either about playing squash, crushing “pussheads”, or some combination of the two).

The Eradicator may not have many songs, but they are definitely worth a listen. Fans of bands like Galactic Cannibal, Direct Hit!, PEARS and World’s Scariest Police Chases will love them. Some of my favorite songs by The Eradicator include: “I’m A Squash Man”, “Wake, Hydrate, Baby Aspirin, Squash A Pusshead, Stretch, Sleep, Repeat”, “One Rung At A Time”, “Squash Queen”, and “On The Court”.


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Check out the video for “I’m A Squash Man” here:


Band Of The Week #1: Petrol Girls

I’ve decided I want to try and post more content/write about more bands on here. So, I’ve decided to start doing “Band Of The Week”. The idea is each week I’ll pick a band that I really like and write about why I like them, share some of my favorite songs/albums, and hopefully inspire anyone reading this to give these awesome bands a listen! For my first “Band Of The Week”, I chose Petrol Girls!


Petrol Girls are a co-ed Feminist hardcore band from England. I listened to them for the first time earlier this year when another band I like shared the music video for their song “Touch Me Again” on Facebook. I was immediately impressed, not only with the song itself, but with how powerful the video was. As soon as I was done watching it, I got on Bandcamp and listened to all of their music, I couldn’t get enough of them!

The band’s explosively energetic music pairs perfectly with singer Ren Aldridge’s aggressive and in-your-face vocal style. Each song is fiery and passionate, covering subjects like sexism, abuse and mental health. They aren’t afraid to speak up for what they believe in, which is extremely important. The world needs more bands like Petrol Girls.

The band isn’t just all talk either. Over the summer, they played several big music festivals and used each one as a platform to help end sexual violence and make music scenes safer for everyone, regardless of gender. They did this by collecting audio samples of stories from real victims of abuse at each festival and playing them before they preformed “Touch Me Again”. This not only helped give the victimized a voice, but it also helped draw attention to the issue so that hopefully incidents like the ones in the recordings can be prevented in the future. Petrol-Girls-Female-Fronted-Punk-Rock-Band-England-1000x580

Petrol Girls have released one full-length album, titled Talk Of Violence and two EPs, titled Some Thing and Petrol Girls. It seems like the band gets better and better with every release! Honestly, the only bad thing about them is that they don’t have more songs!


Fans of bands like War On Women, Strike Anywhere, Bikini Kill and RVIVR need to listen to Petrol Girls! Some of my favorite songs by the band include: “Touch Me Again”, “Restless”, “Slug”, “Treading Water”, “Phallocentric” and “False Peace”.

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Propagandhi-Victory Lap Review

Last Friday (9/29/17), Canadian punk band Propagandhi released their seventh studio album, titled Victory Lap via Epitaph Records. Victory Lap is Propagandhi’s first new release since 2012’s Failed States.

Last Friday was a very good day for music. Multiple bands/musicians that I really like released some killer music. There was Kid You Not’s first full-length, Ezra Kire’s solo album, the new Worriers album and of course, Victory Lap.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a massive Propagandhi fan. Propagandhi has been one of my favorite bands since I was twelve years old and I first listened to the wonderful masterpiece that is Less Talk, More Rock (in case you hadn’t noticed before, this blog just happens to be named for that album). They were also the second band I ever saw live. So obviously I’ve been beyond stoked for this album since the band announced it over the summer. Victory Lap certainly didn’t disappoint, in fact it was better than I could have ever imagined!

Propagandhi is one of those bands that has never released a bad album, and Victory Lap is certainly no exception. It’s been five years since Failed States was released and the band is back with all the politically charged fury that fans know and love.

The album kicks off with the explosive title track, appropriately setting the scene for what’s to come. The next eleven tracks take the listener on a musical journey covering many of the world’s injustices including: the horrors of war, animal cruelty, racism, sexism and the overall lack of empathy most humans seem to have for each other.

Musically speaking, the album gives listeners another much needed dose of the band’s signature metal infused punk sound. The overall sound isn’t quite as dark and moody as Failed States, but instead the band delivers a more upbeat sounding album with no shortage of smooth melodies sandwiched between a barrage of wicked guitar riffs and relentlessly fast paced drum/bass lines. On top of all of that, it’s awesome to finally hear the band’s new guitarist, Tampa native Sulynn Hago on an album, she absolutely tears it up!

In terms of lyrics, Victory Lap sees more of a return to the band’s bitterly sarcastic style of lyric writing. Songs like “Lower Order (A Good Laugh)” and “Letters To A Young Anus” provide sardonic critiques of various issues without diminishing the importance of the song’s overall message. The album’s intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics pair nicely with the complexity of its music, creating songs that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

The band even saves one of the album’s best songs for last. The song, “Adventures In Zoochosis”, likens living in today’s democratic societies to an animal living in captivity. It also ends the album with probably the best closing line ever: “I don’t give a fuck about the enrichment programs implemented to extend our captive lifespans. Motherfucker gonna get a load of what I got planned.”

Overall, Victory Lap stands out not only as one of Propagandhi’s best albums, but also as one of the best albums of the year! So, grab a copy, turn it up fucking loud and get ready to jam out! Never listened to Propagandhi? Fans of bands like Strike Anywhere, War On Women, Strung Out and Lagwagon will love them! Notable songs from Victory Lap include: “Adventures In Zoochosis”, “Victory Lap”, “Failed Imagineer”, “Comply/Resist” and “Lower Order (A Good Laugh)”.

Album Score: 5/5

Check out the lyric video for “Failed Imagineer” here:

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Hateful Monday-Unfrightened Review

Earlier this month (9/15/17), Switzerland punk trio Hateful Monday released their fifth full-length album, titled Unfrightened via Torch Of Hope Records. Unfrightened is Hateful Monday’s first release since It Must Be Somewhere in 2013.

It’s been four years, but Hateful Monday is back with a new guitarist and a killer new album! Unfrightened delivers 11 brand new songs that the band rips through at a wicked fast pace in their signature melodic punk style, a style reminiscent of classic 90s Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands.

The album starts off perfectly with “As Far As I Can Remember”, an extremely relatable anthem about growing up as a punk rocker. The album only gets better from there. It continues to pick up speed, until it reaches its finale with the instrumental jam, “La Purge”.

The album is only 28 minutes long and the band doesn’t waste a single moment of it. Amidst all the up-tempo jams, Hateful Monday shows listeners they can effortlessly switch gears with the albums only slow song “Not Forgotten”, a moving tribute to a dead friend.

With lyrical themes ranging from the struggles of growing up and growing old to government injustice all wrapped up neatly in what is without a doubt the band’s best album to date. Unfrightened is definitely an album that every skate punk fan should have.

Fans of bands like Nofx, Bad Religion, Pulley, Lagwagon and The Descendents will love Hateful Monday and Unfrightened. Notable tracks from the album include “Stateless Society”, “Not Forgotten”, “Dorian Gray Syndrome”, “Heart & Pen” and “I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S (The Greatest Song Ever Written)”.

Album Score: 4.5/5

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Kid You Not-Never A Dull Movement Review

Next Friday (9/29/17), St. Augustine punk band Kid You Not will release their debut full-length, titled Never A Dull Movement via Deep Elm Records. Never A Dull Movement is Kid You Not’s first release since 2016’s Nothing Was Beautiful And Everything Hurt EP.

A couple of months ago I listened to Kid You Not for the first time and I absolutely loved them! Not long after I got into them I found out Never A Dull Movement was coming out and needless to say, I was pretty stoked. I’ve spent these past couple of days jamming to it non-stop and I can tell you, there really isn’t a dull moment on Never A Dull Movement. From beginning to end, the album’s entire 31-minute run time is packed full of fast paced songs and fist pumping choruses.

Serving as the perfect follow up to Kid You Not’s previous EPs, Never A Dull Movement is everything a debut album should be. It takes all of the best things from the band’s previous releases and makes them even better! It’s energetic, fun to listen to and super catchy without sacrificing good songwriting. There isn’t a bad song on the album and by the time you’re finished listening to it the only thing you’ll wish is that it had more songs! Proving that despite the opening line of the first track, “Heaven For The Climate, Hell For The Company”, not everything has been “done to death”.

The lyrics cover an array of different subjects, including love and loss, delivered perfectly by singer/guitarist Patrick Drury’s powerful vocals layered on top of the rest of the band’s killer instrumental work. It seems like Kid You Not never misses a beat, making this album a must-have for punk fans.

Overall, Never A Dull Movement is a terrific album by an extremely talented band and I can’t wait to hear what they do next! Fans of bands like Iron Chic, Hot Water Music, Campaign, Frenzal Rhomb and Millencolin will love Kid You Not. Notable tracks from Never A Dull Movement include “Me And Dead Owls Don’t Give A Hoot”, “Be A Lot Cooler If You Did”, “You Know What I Like About Rich Kids? Nothing!” and “Heaven For The Climate, Hell For The Company”.

Album Score: 4.5/5

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