The Raging Nathans/Pizzatramp-Split 7″ Review

Earlier this month (2/2/18), Ohio punk band The Raging Nathans and UK hardcore band Pizzatramp released a Split EP via Rad Girlfriend Records. This split was released simultaneously with The Raging Nathans’ new full-length, Cheap Fame, and it is Pizzatramp’s first release since the Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan EP in 2017.

For this review, I want to start with the B-side of the record, Pizzatramp’s contribution to the split. Pizzatramp provided two songs from their most recent EP, “Beast” and “Rag N Bone”.

Pizzatramp rips through their half of the split with unbridled fury. Both of their songs are fast-paced frenzies of hardcore intensity. Even though their half of the split lasts less than four-and-half minutes, the listener doesn’t leave disappointed.

On the A-side The Raging Nathans deliver two more brand new songs, “I Self Destruct” and “We Don’t Talk”.

Displaying their musical versatility, The Raging Nathans easily match Pizzatramp’s intensity. The band ditches the pop punk sound from their previous releases in favor of blistering hardcore fury. They fill out their side of the split with two hard-hitting and extremely catchy tunes that perfectly compliment the songs on the EP’s B-side.

The entire split lasts less than eight minutes, making it a quick and fun listen for fans of either band! Fans of other bands like Black Flag, Clowns, Petrol Girls, The Ridiculouses and Gouge Away will be sure to love it! Notable tracks include: “We Don’t Talk” and “Beast”.

Album Score: 4/5

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The Raging Nathans-Cheap Fame Review

Earlier this month (2/2/18), Ohio punk trio The Raging Nathans released their second full-length album, titled Cheap Fame via Rad Girlfriend Records. Cheap Fame is the band’s first release since their split with Rad Company in 2016.

It’s been four years since The Raging Nathans released their first full-length album, Losing It, now they’re finally back with Cheap Fame! The album features 11 brand new songs, as well as two re-recorded songs (“Bartending The Funeral”, originally from their split with Nobodys and “Good For You”, originally from their split with Wonk Unit).

I discovered The Raging Nathans shortly after Fest 15 and I’ve been listening to them religiously ever since. As you could probably guess, last year when the band announced they were recording a new album, I was beyond excited to hear the new songs!

Well, the verdict is in: Cheap Fame is everything I could have wanted and more!

The Raging Nathans deliver a 13 song, 28-minute masterpiece without a bit of filler! Each song easily holds its own, filling the listener’s ears with an unstoppable barrage of fast-paced riffs and unforgettably catchy hooks.  These are the type of songs you won’t mind getting stuck in your head!

Cheap Fame also does a fantastic job highlighting how The Raging Nathans have grown and evolved as musicians and songwriters since their first album. Musically, the album is the band’s best sounding recording. Channeling influences from all the best pop punk bands of the 80s and 90s, Cheap Fame feels meticulously put together and well-polished, you can really hear the passion the band put into each song. Even the re-recordings shine, especially “Good For You” which went from a good song to a great song after being re-worked!

The lyrical content of the songs also feels more mature. Exploring themes like frustration, love, loss and detachment, Cheap Fame is both relatable and thought-provoking.

Pair all that with the awesome album artwork by Winston Smith, the artist behind iconic album covers like The Dead Kennedys’ Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death and Green Day’s Insomniac, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old Raging Nathans fan or a new one, it’s impossible not to love Cheap Fame! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait four more years to hear what the band has up their sleeves for us next!

Never listened to The Raging Nathans? Fans of bands like Screeching Weasel, 90s Green Day, The Queers, Aerial Salad and The Dopamines won’t regret picking up a copy of Cheap Fame! Notable tracks include: “Sucker Punch”, “CTRL+ALTRIGHT+DEL”, “Good For You”, “Dayton” and “Florida Days”.

Album Score: 5/5

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Arms & Hearts-Fortitude EP Review

Next Monday (11/20/17), Manchester acoustic/folk punk singer Arms & Hearts (Steve Millar) will be releasing a two-song digital EP titled Fortitude via Real Ghost Records. Fortitude will be Arms & Hearts first release since the Too Much Sleep, Not Enough Dreams EP earlier this year.

The first of the two songs on the EP is the title track and my favorite, “Fortitude”. “Fortitude” is an upbeat and catchy song, with a bold and memorable chorus. The song is a relatable anthem about trying to get the most out of your life. It really serves as the perfect introduction to the EP and the artist behind it.

The second song is “Dagger Eyes”. “Dagger Eyes” has a bit more of a dark sound to it. It’s a somber, slow building track about the pain of losing a friend. The contrast between this song and “Fortitude” really helps the listener appreciate Arms & Hearts as a musician.

Overall, I think the stripped-down feel of the music, which relies heavily on acoustic guitar, really helps give the EP a heartfelt feel. It makes the listener feel like the singer is really pouring out his heart and soul into every word and every note, making it an excellent listen. Fans of bands/musicians like The Gaslight Anthem, AJJ, The Loved Ones and Ben Elliott should definitely check out this EP!

Album Score: 4/5

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Wicked Bears-Tuning Out Review

Last month (10/13/17), SLC pop punk trio, Wicked Bears released their debut album, titled Tuning Out via Hidden Home Records. Tuning Out is Wicked Bears’ first release since their self-titled EP in 2016.

On Tuning Out, Wicked Bears deliver a near perfect debut album. The band flawlessly updates their sound from their previous EP, giving Tuning Out a stronger and more cohesive sound, while still staying true to the spirit of their music.

Wicked Bears use Tuning Out’s ten tracks to showcase how they’ve matured as a group since their first release. The band’s fast-paced music and smooth melodies provide the perfect vessel for their funny, light-hearted and upbeat lyrics, helping each one of the album’s songs to shine.

Tuning Out’s incredibly catchy songs cover a diverse array of subjects, including: the flaws of capitalism, trying to understand death metal music, being robbed and the large number of generic and disappointing shows on cable T.V. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with a big grin on your face!

Wicked Bears really put together a terrific debut album! The best thing about the album is that you can tell the band had as much fun recording the songs as you’ll have listening to them. In a year packed with so many great albums, this really helps Tuning Out to stand out. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Wicked Bears have more new music for us!

Fans of bands like Bothering Dennis, Joyce Manor, Antarctigo Vespucci, Modern Baseball and GUTS will love Wicked Bears! Notable tracks from Tuning Out include: “Nickel Arcade”, “Mega Powers”, “60 WPM” and “Tuning Out”.

Album Score: 4.5/5

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The Run Up-S/T Review

Next Wednesday (11/15/17), Bristol punk band The Run Up will release their self-titled debut album via Real Ghost Records and Get Party Records. This will be The Run Up’s first release since the Sink Or Swallow//North EP earlier this year.

The first thing I noticed when I started listening to The Run Up’s self-titled album was the band’s energy. The album immediately kicks off with a bang! Its first track is a song called “WKND”, a fun and over-the-top anthem that serves as the perfect introduction to the band’s sound and sets up the rest of the album nicely.

The next nine tracks don’t disappoint either. The entire album is packed from front to back with bouncy, energetic jams that make its 30-minute runtime fly by. It’s punk rock as it should be: loud, obnoxious, and fun as hell, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing when you listen to it.

The album is also the band’s most cohesive sounding release to date. It does a terrific job updating and evolving the band’s sound from their previous EPs, without sacrificing any of the things that make them so good.

Combine all of that with the band’s upbeat and insightful lyrics, covering subjects like loss of friends, making mistakes and searching for clarity, and what you get is a truly fantastic debut album. This is exactly what The Run Up deliver on their self-titled album. The band adds another excellent album to the growing list great releases from 2017. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they’re back with more new music!

Fans of bands like Iron Chic, Aerial Salad, Ma Jolie and The Slow Death will love The Run Up! Notable tracks from their album include: “Learning Loss”, “Terrance”, “WKND” and “Line ‘Em Up”.

Album Score: 4.5/5

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